Wash. girl to police: I was locked in the bathroom for two days

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A 15-year-old Yakima girl locked away in a bathroom for days with little food and no windows clawed through the floor and escaped to her grandmother's house Tuesday night, investigators said.

"My granddaughter's banging on the door, 'nana 'nana please open the door,'" said the 15-year-old's grandmother, who KIMA will only identify as "Rebecca."

A frantic cry the grandmother never expected to hear.

Locked in a Yakima bathroom for two days, her granddaughter says she was held against her will.

"I just hugged her and cried with her and prayed with her and told her it's going to be OK. And, she said Nana, I can't go through it anymore," said "Rebecca."

Yakima investigators say the girl managed to rip up floor boards and crawl through the basement in a desperate attempt to escape.

She fled to her grandmother's house located nearly 20 blocks away.

"This poor child is in a horrible situation," said "Rebecca."

So who locked the girl there in the first place? Yakima Police are pointing the finger at the parents.

Investigators said the stepfather and mother admitted to locking the girl in the bathroom. But court documents in the Yakima County Prosecutor's Office reveal Antonio Ceja told police the girl was only locked in the room for half an hour.

The girl's mother and stepfather were both arrested on felony charges.

Officers also say the teen was beaten with a broom handle before ending up in a homemade jail cell.

"Has YPD ever seen a case like this?" KIMA asked.

"Not that I can recall particularly, where the parents went to such cruel means to confine one of their children as to lock them, it's almost like locking them in a cage," said Yakima Police Captain Rod Light.

Investigators say the parents were upset about the girl's behavior but their choice of punishment is a crime.

The girl's grandmother said the girl has been mistreated before.

"There's not a better definition of this case than the Cinderella story," said "Rebecca."

Police said two other children have been removed from the house and the 15-year old is in a safe place as well after escaping what can only be described as a nightmare.

Yakima prosecutors pointed out the girl's stepfather has an excessive felony history in court today.

He's now banned from contacting anyone younger than 18.

Both the mother and stepfather are due back in court later this month.