Wash. dad rescues infant son from river, performs CPR

RIDGEFIELD, Wash. - A nine-month-old boy who nearly drowned after crawling off a dock into Lake River was released from the hospital Monday.

Wes Duncan rescued his son, Hank, on Sunday evening.

"I remember just laying my head on his legs, trying to keep him warm, crying, praying, saying just please be okay because I didn't want to lose my son," Wes said.

Wes started performing CPR and estimates he kept at it for five minutes before his son finally started crying.

Firefighters arrived soon after and took Hank to Legacy Salmon Creek in Vancouver.

Wes has barely left his son's side.

"I didn't get much sleep last night. It was kind of traumatic," Wes said. "Pictures just kept rolling through my head of trying to bring my son back to life."

Wes told KATU he had left Hank on the dock with a relative while he went up to the house to grab his keys.

That relative looked away long enough for Hank to crawl off the edge of the dock.

Wes said he's still heavy with guilt.

"It's one of those things that you don't think of. It happens, it's just a split-second, and then it happens, it happens really fast," Wes said.

Wes told KATU Hank was released from the hospital just before 5 p.m. Monday evening and is expected to be just fine.

As for how a nine-month-old had the speed to crawl off the edge of a dock, Wes said Hank has been mobile for months.

"He's pretty much walking by now," Wes said.