Wall of Shame: The worst food donated to Seattle food bank

Every day in our community, people struggle with hunger; one in four children live in food-unstable households. But with help from volunteers and donors, the folks at Northwest Harvest give away millions of pounds of food each year.

All donations, however, are not created equally.

While most people donate much-needed non-perishable items -- like peanut butter, soup, canned fruit, tuna, and other nutritious items -- others seem to view the food bank as a place where weird food goes to die.

The good-natured employees at the Cherry Street Food Bank, which serves as many as 5,000 clients per week, save some of the strangest, oldest, and most interesting donated artifacts on a shelf they call "The Wall of Shame."

Here are some of the "treasures" that Northwest Harvest employees have found. And if you're wondering what's best to donate to a food drive, stay tuned -- tomorrow, we'll post a gallery of the most sought donations.

All images by Joshua Lewis.