Walk MS: 'Everybody that you're around is affected and in some way'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Walking to fight multiple sclerosis is an annual celebration in the Treasure Valley. Saturday was no exception.

Close to 2,000 walkers crossed the finish line this year. That's up more than 400 people from last year's turn out.

Victims of MS, along with their family and friends, chose to walk either one or three miles. Many walkers made signs, designed t-shirts and even dressed in themes.

Local walker Rossinia Sarmiento, who has MS, says it's encouraging to know so many people care about her disease.

"Everybody's all in one area, and everybody that you're around is affected and in some way," Sarmiento said. "They know what it's like."

For many, Saturday's walk gives them the strength to fight MS and unite for a cure.

This year's walk has already raised around $100,000. If you'd like to help fund research for a cure for MS, you can donate on our Family Matters page.