Voters will decide two school levies in Ada County

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Voters will decide a pair of school levies in Ada County on March 11. School districts in Kuna and Meridian are asking for renewals of existing levies.

The Meridian School District wants the same amount that voters approved in 2012, $28 million over two years. The cost to each taxpayer would be $407 a year for each $100,000 of property value (for all of the district's levies).

"We support it," said Casey Glenn of Meridian. "Obviously, we have two children who are in the Meridian public schools, and it's important to us, but it should be important to everyone."

If Meridian schools don't get the money, staff and school days are in jeopardy.

"If they're having less days, less teachers, less staff, all that requires money to fund, and the money's got to come from somewhere," said Aaron Roberts, who has two children in Meridian's public schools. "It's got to come from taxpayers. It doesn't come from anywhere else."

In the Kuna School District, voters are considering a levy amounting to $6.38 million over two years, the same amount approved in 2012. If the levy fails, options include cutting 40 teaching jobs, increasing class sizes and eliminating eight school days.

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