Valley residents cope with bitter cold

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- How did those Antarctic explorers do it....struggle daily with the bitter cold?

Explorers like Robert Scott and his 1912 British South Pole expedition team.

Oh, that's right: they froze to death. And their meager rations didn't help.

Anyway, things aren't quite that drastic in the Treasure Valley but these frigid temperatures make some of the simplest things hard.

Fingers freeze just plugging the parking meter.

"It's hard starting my truck," said Ray Nelson. "I park outside and it takes a good three or four minutes to get that thing cranked up."

Jody Groom uses a motorized wheelchair in the ice and snow.

"It's very hard to get around," he said. "The sidewalks are impassable in most cases unless people go out and clean them off. I've been stuck inside pretty much for two weeks."

And the fear of slipping and falling on the ice is real.

"My mom was visiting from Portland last week," said Stacey Falkner, "and she slipped and fell and broke her arm the first day she was here."

Fortunately, Stacey's mom is on the mend and we can only hope these frigid temperatures improve as well.