Valley businesses adapt to heat wave

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) --Keeping cool is hard work these days.

And this heat wave is changing the way people do things.

You can't avoid the heat unless you stay inside all the time, and some businesses are finding out that appears to be what a lot of people are doing.

For example, Idaho Mountain Touring reports a drop in bicycle rentals.

"Our rental bike business, where every bike is out almost every single day, has really dropped off," said owner Chris Haunold. "People are not too excited to ride in the foothills when it's 110 degrees."

On the other hand, he noted sales of cooler clothing have picked up.

There's no denying the heat can sap your energy...and while the standard pick-me-ups are selling steady at Flying M Coffee Shop, more people want an iced version.

"We were making iced tea at 9 this morning, so that's a little different than usual," said manager Will Gillett.

And this is right out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

The folks at Roaring Springs Water Park say when we get into this triple digit heat, it actually drives people away from this cool water. they simply don't want to leave home.

"Once we get into high triple digits, we definitely start competing a little bit with air conditioning," said Roaring Springs spokeswoman Tiffany Quilici. "People just don't even want to leave their house."

The flip side to that is shorter lines and less of a wait to take a refreshing plunge.