Urgency grows for imprisoned Boise pastor

BOISE, Idaho- Boise pastor Saeed Abedini has been in prison for more than 200 days in Iran. His conviction revolves around preaching Christianity in a country where doing that is against the law.

"I guess the hardest part is the kids," said Naghmeh Abedini, Saeed's wife. "They cry a lot and miss him a lot."

6-year-old Rebecca and 5-year-old Jacob haven't seen their dad in a year. His wife, Naghmeh, remains strong for them.

"Everyday is a long day for them," Naghmeh said.

Saeed was in Iran doing humanitarian work when he was imprisoned in September. In January the 32-year-old was convicted of threatening the national security of Iran because of his past involvement in christian home churches.

"He's been beaten, he's been tortured and every day is a survival for him," Naghmeh said.

Naghmeh says this is a crucial time to put pressure on the Iranian government to free him as the June election nears.

"They don't like a lot of uproar around election time," Naghmeh said. "If there is enough noise before the election they might feel it's too risky to keep him there."

Secretary of State, John Kerry, has pushed for Saeed's release and the American Center for Law and Justice is supporting him. Naghmeh hopes a petition will also help to bring her husband home.

Close to 600,000 people have already signed a petition to free Saeed. If you would like to join the fight go to