Update: 2 arrested in McCall ATM robbery, shooting in Utah

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Two people have been arrested in Utah following a shooting and ATM robbery in McCall on Friday.

On Monday afternoon, police tell KBOI 2News that Nathan Paul Davenport, 34, and Matthew Taber Annable, 39, have been arrested by the FBI in Utah.

The FBI says the two men have been booked on theft and aiding and abetting charges

Officials in Valley County said Monday morning that they located the vehicle belonging to a man who they say shot at officers during an ATM robbery Friday.

McCall Police Chief, Justin Williams, said the truck was parked in someone's driveway Saturday morning. That person called police and investigators found evidence inside the truck that linked it with the robbery.

Williams said investigators believe there is a group of suspects in the this robbery, not just one person. He said the FBI stepped in on this case because they believe this group of people may have been robbing ATMs like this around the country.

He thanks the person who initially made the call alerting police of the ATM robbery Friday.

"Had it not been for an observant citizen, for someone willing to stand up and make that phone call, these individuals would never have even been observed (or) caught (and) we would never have been this far in the investigation," Williams said.

The chief said many McCall residents were told to lock their doors and stay inside Friday night. He added that residents need to just remember to be diligent in their daily activities, but hasn't noticed anyone living in McCall changing many of their small-town habits.

"This does not normally happen in this community, in this area, this is a once in a lifetime, once in a 25, 30-year event, so it is the topic of conversation," said Chief Williams.

Officers said the armed man got away with an undisclosed amount of money Friday, then shot at police when they confronted him. He disabled several cop cars in the process.

The sheriff's office focused its search on the CareFree subdivision in McCall until 1 a.m. Saturday.