Two North End street fairs cause congestion

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Two events in the North End meant congestion Saturday. About 30,000 were expected to visit the Hyde Park Street Fair and a new event this weekend.

Cars were lined bumper-to-bumper, and Vicki Moore of San Diego said traffic was slow.

"One of our cars parked two blocks down the street and another one about four blocks. Not bad at all," she said. "We thought we'd be walking a lot farther."

A new music fest called Curb A'Faire brought in about 600 people. Organizer Courtney Feider said the people coordinating both events have been talking about having it at the same time since January. She said one of the ideas was "to maybe have an eventual flow-through where there's literally no stop between the two events."

Feider said organizers of both events and the city have scheduled a meeting to talk about whether the dates should overlap next year.