TSA snags a 2nd gun in less than a week

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The TSA says agents at the Boise Airport found a gun in a Boise man's carry-on bags Tuesday morning while going through security. Boise police say that 32 year-old Nathan Corson was on his way to San Francisco when he was stopped. Police cited him for taking the pistol that was loaded with ten rounds through security. This has been the second gun found at the airport in less than a week.

Last week Boise Police stopped William Kingston of Nampa for carrying a pistol through the TSA checkpoint last Thursday. He was going to Salt Lake City and he also got a citation. So far this year there have been five guns found at Boise Airport TSA lines. Last year, there were a total of ten.

Boise Police say it's a misdemeanor to have a gun in your carry-on bags and your weapon will be confiscated. But police say you can get your gun back, it all depends on what the judge says when you go to court.

The TSA says you can travel with a gun if it's checked in, in a hard case and declared with the airline.