Trying to rise from the ashes: Woman displaced after Edgewater apartment fire

Investigators say the fire was likely sparked by a firework. (KBOI 2News Staff)

Debris still lingers in piles around the unit of the Edgewater Apartments that caught fire last week.

Half of the residents have been given the "all clear" to go back home, but resident Amanda Secola says she doesn't feel safe trying to move back with her daughter because of the condition of her unit.

"I've been couch hopping. My daughter is in a secure location," Secola tells KBOI 2News. "She goes back and forth between her grandparents and her father. I try to spend as much time with her as I can but everybody works. Everybody has their own lives you know?"

Secola says apartment management has been giving her the cold shoulder.

"Once you go through a situation like that, you expect to be greeted with help and concern and compassion," Secola said. "When we all went to the apartment management we were greeted with nothing but problems and not wanting to take accountability... at this point we're displaced with no help."

At this point, there's no word on when the 7-foot locked fence around the unit, or the debris and ash will be removed.

"Fifteen families are displaced because of this," Secola said. "None of us know what to do and I don't feel like it's right. I just want what's right to be made right."

Investigators say the fire was likely sparked by a firework.

KBOI 2News has reached out to the apartment complex, but has received no reply.

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