Trustee: 'It's vendetta politics'

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Kuna School Board Trustee Michael Law is the target of a recall effort. Residents said it's for his opposition to the recent failed levy, while Law claims "it's vendetta politics."

Law spoke out against the levy, and helped distribute flyers about it. Some residents like Terri Reno felt the fliers were misleading and didn't tell the whole story.

"I've talked with several people while gathering signatures, and so many people were just so confused about what the levy does, what it pays for, and how it comes out of their taxes," said Reno. "That brochure confused a lot of people."

Law said he was just speaking his mind. With over forty percent of students on free or reduced lunch, Law said he was trying to help residents who might be struggling financially.

He claims this is about people who were upset about losing by less than 100 votes in the election.

"It's vendetta politics," said Law. "(They) weren't happy with the results of the election despite the majority vote."

Law claims the district isn't saving money in areas where they can. He wants to see services contracted out, which other districts have already done.

Reno agrees there are always areas to save money, but feels making up the difference of the $3.1 million dollar would effect too many students.

"They clearly need this money they need it to retain our teachers, to help our school,s and it may be a band aid, but what's the solution."