'Troubling' but no criminal conduct with Ada County, Dynamis

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Bannock County Prosecutor said Thursday that his office has found no criminal conduct has occurred between Ada County Commissioners and Dynamis.

The Eagle-based company have plans to build a $66 million facility that would turn trash into usable energy.

In 2010, Ada County commissioners jumped on the idea offering up a signed commitment nine days after receiving the proposal from the Dynamis.

But the non-profit, "Idaho Citizens" has alleged commissioners, Sharon Ullman and Rick Yzagurrie, broke the law by holding secret meetings with Dynamis.

But Mark Hiedeman, Bannock County Prosecutor, issued a statement Thursday saying no criminal conduct had occurred. | Read the Report

"...The 6,000 page report contains troubling references to some conduct by the Ada County Commission but nothing rising to the level of criminal conduct," Hiedeman said.

Last month, commissioners gave the company 90 days to repay a $2 million loan.