Trio of tragedies brings inspiration for new fundraising group

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - After the death of his son in a December school bus crash, Rob Cook is launching a fundraising campaign to help other Kuna families.

"It started out as an idea that maybe I could do a hundred shirts and do something small but good," Cook said. "With the help of the committee, our ideas are expanding and so are our visions for KH3."

KH3 is short for Kuna's Hero Trio, which includes three students hit by tragedy in late 2013: Boone Bartlome, the Kuna High School student who broke his neck during a football game in November; Elijah Minnick, who began a battle with organ failure before Christmas; and Daniel Cook, a boy who had a big heart. Bartlome and Minnick are on the mend. Rob Cook says the stories from people Daniel touched keep his memory alive.

"Stories came by way of letter, email, kids coming to the house and telling us stories about how this young man would take time to acknowledge that they're important enough for him to be kind to (them)," Cook said.

He just launched a website Friday,, where people can buy KH3 T-shirts for $10 or $15. Order forms are also available at local businesses. Cook designed the shirts and the website, but four women are on his committee.

"Whether it be an illness, injury or the loss of a child, those are very tender moments for a family, and those are the kind of moments we're acquainted with, and those are the kind of moments we want to help," he said.

The group hopes to help other families in similar situations in the future, but for now, the money will go to Boone and Elijah, Cook said.