Treasure Valley youth preparing for LDS missions not phased by Brazil video

Tanner Roark (left) and his mother Heidi (right) discuss his upcoming mission.

How would you respond to a video like this?

Caught on camera:

In Brazil, an armed robber confronts two Mormon missionaries on a sidewalk -- but one of the missionaries turns the tables on him.

He takes the gun from the helpless robber, throws it over the fence, and when he tries to fight; the missionary beats him up.

The video has raised eyebrows and some concern -- especially for Mormon families whose children are on missions or about to leave for a mission.

Tanner Roark is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian.

He's expecting his mission assignment any day now and his mission could start as soon as July.

While the video has given his mother pause, Tanner has no hesitations.

"I mean, I'm a mom so of course I get concerned," said Heidi Roark, Tanner's mom.

However, she adds that concern needs to be put in perspective.

"I also get really concerned when he backs his truck out of the driveway every day and tries to go down eagle road," said Heidi.

Tanner says no one has told him what to do in that situation, adding, that it will probably be part of his missionary training.

"You know, you just can't worry about that kind of stuff," Tanner said. "I know why I'm going I'm going to teach people and serve. so you just can't worry about that stuff."