Treasure Valley sees significant drop in gas prices

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- When stopping to fill up the tank this week in Boise, drivers will notice gas prices dropped nine cents in just one week. The average price per gallon is now $3.42.

AAA also reports that gas prices in the Treasure Valley are also down over 30 cents in the past month.

Owners of "On the Fly" on State Street said they base their prices off their competition in the area. Just last week they noticed a gas station down the street dropped their prices 15 cents so they decreased their prices as well. On Sunday alone, they dropped the price for a gallon of gas five cents.

The decrease has drivers happy, and some people like Liz Clayton said it's a relief to see prices falling.

"I noticed the other day there was a big decrease in prices so this morning, I actually filled up a lot more," Clayton said.

It's especially a relief to drivers with larger vehicles.

"it kind of affects because it's a bigger truck and I mean we can travel more," said Antonia Ayala, a local driver.

Although prices in Boise have fallen, the national average has raised about two cents in the past week.