Treasure Valley honors fallen vets on Memorial Day

BOISE -- Treasure Valley residents gathered at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery Monday morning to honor veterans who have died, especially those who gave their last full measure on some faraway field of war.

Canons fired by Civil War and World War II reenactors boomed a tribute while Marine riflemen provided a 21-gun salute to veterans who have passed away.

"We appreciate what they've done for our country," said Katrina Delisio of Boise.

Old warriors recalled desperate long ago days while others remembered a country's changing fortune.

"I remember before Vietnam, they would come up to us and thank us," said Navy veteran Mario Delisio of Boise. "And then during the Vietnam War, I was a professor at Boise State, and the guys were getting beat up on. And now people are honoring the servicemen again."

It's hard to imagine now, but prior to 2004 there was no Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.

But now the beautifully landscaped site above Dry Creek Cemetery has become a gathering place to honor those who have fallen in the service of our country.

"Especially now that my father's buried up here," said Karl Patton of Caldwell. "We always try to make it a family tradition and come up here on Memorial Day."

As a nation, we don't always agree. But on Memorial Day, we set aside our differences -- and honor those who made a difference.