Treasure Valley building, construction looks bright

BOISE - The housing market is starting to see an uptick in new building and contractors say things are starting to look up.

While the industry is not up to where it was five years ago, companies say they are hiring to deal with more demand.

New numbers say unemployment in the construction industry dropped to just under 11 percent, which is the lowest it's been in five years, when the housing bubble burst.

The amount of homes, whether new or used, is also at a low amount, which is spurring developers to start new builds.

One general contractor who spoke to KBOI 2News says he's noticing a higher demand from renters, who are now looking to buy while the loan rates and prices are still low.

"This pent-up demand we are now seeing- - it's people who have been sitting on the sidelines," said Dennis Schaffner of Schaffner Fine Homes. "They had the money, they had the resources - they already sold their house, but they have been renting and watching. Well, now is the time to get off the fence, and to make that decision."

Shaffner says the industry still isn't where it was five years ago, but he thinks the worst of the housing downturn is over.

He now thinks we'll will see a slow, steady climb as the Treasure Valley continues to grow in population.