Travelers welcoming back air traffic controllers

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After a week of delays and cancellations, travelers all over the country are welcoming air traffic controllers back to work.

This announcement comes after lawmakers rushed a bill through congress, allowing the agency to withdraw furlough days of air traffic controllers and other workers. The furloughs were fallout from the $85 billion cuts this spring and have been blamed for hold-ups at airports.

This new bill allows the FAA to use up to $253 million from airport improvement funds. This will let air traffic controllers return to full staff and prevent small airport towers across the country from closing.

in Idaho, the Lewiston, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Hailey towers were all on that list to be closed.

Although air traffic controllers will keep their jobs for now, a White House official is calling this a "band aid solution."

Keeping air traffic controllers in the towers comes just in time, because the busy travel season for summer is about to pick up.