Train sparks fire in Meridian, no homes damaged

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- It was touch and go until the cavalry the form of the Meridian Fire Department.

Fire crews believe a train rolling on the track started the blaze near Linder Road and Pine Avenue Monday morning,

The flames headed straight for nearby homes, burning a fence along the way

"We didn't know anything, then our neighbors came knocking, saying, your fence is on fire!" said Meridian resident Mary Larson. " It's kinda scary."

Crews say this fire started quickly when a train came zipping through. Sparks from the wheels may have caused it, they're not sure. It burned a fence, but no homes or structures were damaged.

Meridian brush crews hosed down the embankment and cancelled the check on this fire.

But with the temperatures rising and the fireworks of July Fourth approaching...firefighters know their brush with blazes is not over by a long shot.

"Oh, 108 today. Supposed to kind of remain that way," said Deputy Chief Rod Shaul. "It's hard on the crews. Good for fire activity. With the winds that are happening today, going to be a challenge."

Fortunately, these crews showed they're up to that challenge.