Tip leads to $100 million worth of marijuana: 'Epic Proportions'

(***UPDATE***) - Authorities are downsizing the estimated amount of plants that were seized. Click here for more details.

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Two marijuana grow operations discovered in Boise County could be worth more than $100 million -- making it the largest pot grow discovered in the county.

"The estimated street value of marijuana plants removed from Boise County in these grows was (of) epic proportions," the county said in a news release.

Law enforcement officials say about 40,000 plants were discovered in the Rabbit Creek area as well as east of Lowman in the Payette River drainage in the past seven days.

Officials say they found ready to harvest plants as well as an elaborate irrigation drip system, which used miles of plastic tubing. Camping gear and food was also found.

The U.S. Attorneys Office in Boise says that investigators also found and seized two semi-automatic handguns and an SKS or AK-47 type rifle at the camp.

Police have arrested five people so far. They are identified as Juan Villasenor-Villa, 28, Marcos Solano-Farias, 30, Carlos Cerda-Carpio, 40, and Jose Ayala-Talavera, 19, all Mexican nationals, and Mariah Villasenor-Rodriguez, 21, of Caldwell.

A search warrant was issued on a house in Caldwell. Police say they seized nearly $69,000 in cash, seven vehicles and 348 pounds of pot.