Tight parking at apartment complex and street

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Some residents that live at the Park Village Apartments are having parking problems. One resident says they have 240 people living at Park Village but only 80 parking spaces.

To make the parking more of a hassle residents say that the city changed thier street parking to 2 hour parking during the day. "My roommate was living here and got a parking ticket like every day of the week," Robert Easto said.

The city of Boise spokesman says the area near Sherwood street at Park Village has become a prime area for parking. "When you have this kind of demand that we're seeing in this area you have to find a way to let all the users in the area to park where they need to park," Adam Park said.

The city says to change the two-hour parking to resident parking the apartment complex has to apply for the change. Residents say they were told the complex hasn't applied for resident parking. The complex says they have applied to the city.

"We encourage those residents to apply for that parking permit. I understand they are aware of it, they have started the application but haven't filled out the application yet," Park said.