Thieves snatch 27 American flags from Harrison Boulevard

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- All of the American flags -- 27 of them -- displayed on historic light posts along historic Harrison Boulevard are gone.

They were stolen overnight.

Neighbors are not pleased.

"Oh, we're just so disappointed," said Harrison Boulevard resident Shelley Smith Eichmann. "It was a let-down this morning when all the flags were missing."

Whoever took the Old Glories, which were put out for Independence Day by the Harrison Boulevard Neighborhood Association, left the companion Idaho state flags all alone.

The police figure whoever did this probably used a ladder because as the flags are not accessible from the ground.

"Obviously there are 27 locations, and they had to get up to a 12 foot height to actually take each one down," said Boise Police Lt. Dave Burch, "so it took them a good amount of time to get them all down."

Police say the date of the theft, July 4th, is no coincidence.

With the total cost of the theft around $1,300, it's a felony grand theft.

And officers say they wouldn't be surprised if the culprits are already bragging about their misdeed.

There's really only one word for it: un-American.