The picture that got a girls high school basketball coach fired

POCATELLO, Idaho (KBOI) - Pocatello's girls high school basketball coach, Loraine Cook was fired in October.

School district officials terminated her for a Facebook picture of her and her boyfriend, football coach Tom Harrison that showed him grabbing her chest. Her boyfriend was not terminated but given a reprimand.

The coach said she was disappointed she wasn't even allowed to say goodbye to her team.

"I've never directly had a chance to talk to them in person, but I did send each girl a text message individually and tell them good luck," she said. "I told them to keep their chin up."

Coach Cook is now appealing her termination and hopes she may get her job back. " I am going to be optimistic and say I have a chance. Now how good that chance is I don't know," says Cook.

She says she was told the reason she got fired and not her football coach boyfriend, is because she had posted the picture on Facebook. She says she learned a lesson but does not feel the photo was immoral or worth getting fired for.

Cook said, "With my mother and my kids and all my family around, I wouldn't be doing anything that I would deem immoral or not right or inappropriate. And I definitely would ever put anything like that on my Facebook account."

The Pocatello High School basketball team now has an interim coach.