The melting snow has golfers eager to hit the links

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The BSU woman's golf team has been feeling a little bit of cabin fever so far this year.

That's because Friday was the first time since the start of their season that they've been able to practice at an outdoor range. The team was at Warm Springs Golf Course getting ready for a big tournament in California.

"It's killing me it's horrible, and just driving by the golf course and seeing the flags," said senior Michelle Gooding. "You can't really do anything about it. It's probably the worst thing ever."

Not only has this year been bad for the team, but also for local courses. Warm Springs has been closed during January, and last year the moderate weather allowed for thousands to play over the same period of time.

Director of Golf Scott McGeachin said while they haven't seen as much business it's not necessarily a bad thing. The down time has allowed them to remodel their clubhouse, and give some employees a break.

Golfers are hoping the warmer weather will allow for the snow to melt, but when people will be back on the links is still unclear. McGeachin also said they don't lose a lot of money this time of year because it can usually be made up in the spring.