The Davis Cup, Family Style

BOISE, Idaho - A family fun night was held Tuesday at CenturyLink Arena. Kids got to play tennis with member of the BSU tennis team.

"I haven't played tennis for a little while, so I really want to play really badly," said Taylor Nicholas.

But 12 year old Jill Hughes plays all the time and even gave some tennis advice.

"It's always good to put your hand out to aim for the ball and then swing and pull it back,"said Hughes.

You could hear the excitement in the building.

"t's like having the final four here or having the superbowl here in our sport," said, Executive Director of the Idaho Tennis Association, Steve Bickham.

Even Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and First Lady Lori Otter got in a quick game.

The idaho tennis association believes the Davis Cup is going get more Idahoans interested in the sport.

"What we are hoping with these community events is that we introduce it to new kids and new parents that say hey that's a pretty fun sport! I'm going to try it now," said Bickham.

But the night wasn't just about hitting the ball around. The Bryan brothers and the rest of the US Tennis Team made an appearance.