The Boy with the Bucket List: 'I will remember that day forever'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) There are dreams of men and there are the dreams of 12-year-old boys.

One Boise 12-year-old had a dream, or more accurately, several that made up his bucket list. And at the very top of that list, a hope that one day he could play lacrosse for his dad.

But Tyson is just 12 and by no means good enough at lacrosse to play for a team. When a family friend tipped off Boise State lacross coach Paul Rocchio about Tyson, Rocchio pulled a few strings and arranged for Tyson to join his Broncos for a day.

There was an additional hurdle. Tyson's dad, Tyler, has brain cancer and the family wasn't certain he would be well enough to watch his son's debut. But the prospect of seeing Tyson in action was enough to get him to make his way across town to the Boise State campus.

Tyler's wife, Marni, was happy to see her husband rally, even for a couple of hours. And she beamed as she watched her son achieving the No. 1 item on his bucket list.

"He's never played lacrosse," she told KBOI News. "He's been waiting for the season, so this is such a special day."

From his sick bed a few days later, Tyler said he'd never seen his son so happy.

"When he came home, he just wanted to turn around and go back and practice," he said.

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