Tens of thousands of Million Dollar Raffle tickets still available

BOISE -- As of mid morning Thursday, some 63,000 tickets (costing $10 each) for the Idaho Million Dollar Raffle were still available.

"There are a lot of tickets still available," said David Workman with the Idaho Lottery. "we'll probably reach 80 percent sold when the game ends."

Ticket sales stop Friday at noon with the winner announced later that evening at nine o'clock.

In the past four years, the raffle has always sold out. But this year, 250,000 tickets went on sale Nov. 9, three and a half weeks later than 2010. The Idaho Lottery says scheduling, not the tepid economy, is why fewer tickets are being sold.

"Sometimes it's just the way things work out with marketing and how we decide to deal with our products," Workman said.

But it also means your odds of winning have gone up.