Ten juveniles connected to shots fired incident at school

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise Police said Wednesday that 10 juveniles have been identified in the investigation into a Boise area junior high school shooting.

Last week, security cameras captured two vehicles on surveillance video at the parking lot at Les Bois Jr. High just after midnight. Someone fired four shots from a .22 caliber handgun at the school and hit a window.

BPD says the 10 minors have not been charged in the incident but charges are pending against all 10 for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Meanwhile, this incident, as well as a report of a shot fired near Trail Wind Elementary and Les Bois Jr. High the next day, have prompted both schools to beef up security this week.

Parents at Trail Wind and Les Bois received an email from the Boise School District, notifying them of the changes. One of the big changes? At Trail Wind, outdoor recess has been cancelled for now. At Les Bois, outdoor recess is being monitored by extra personnel.

This situation has kept parents like Christine Schepp on edge. She has a kindergartner at Trail Wind.

Thankfully, she says he was home safe last week when someone reported they heard a gunshot near the school. But Schepp says she's still on edge.

"The whole thing scares me," Schepp said. "Kind of nerve wracking as a parent."

The Boise School district shares that concern, and has stepped up security at the schools this week.

"This is an isolated case of vandalism," spokesman for the Boise School District Dan Hollar said. "We've been working with police in that regard and everything points to that it's isolated. But, we need to take the precautions necessary to keep students and staff members safe."

At Trail Wind, that means no playing outside at recess. But Schepp says the empty playground isn't the only thing different at the school.

"When I came to drop my son off I noticed they were right out at the curb telling us they were going to escort the children individually inside to their classrooms rather than have them line up outside," Schepp said.

Once the kids are inside?

"There are parents walking around in the hallways who are volunteering, there are some intimidating looking parents, thank goodness, that may scare somebody off who wants to cause a ruckus," Schepp said.

Schepp added that she wishes this hadn't happened, but that all of the changes have made her feel more comfortable sending her kid to class.

"If I had any reservations I wouldn't bring them to school, I would keep them home with me," Schepp said. "But I have brought them every day this week."