Temporary levee on Boise River complete

The 4,300-foot-long temporary levee along the Boise River near Eagle Island is complete. Now, who is paying for it? (Ada County)

The 4,300-foot-long temporary levee being built by the Army Corps of Engineers near Eagle Island along the Boise River is now complete.

Public access to the area is not allowed.

So for the past several days, Ada County has been releasing photos and video of the levee's construction.

"Where the temporary levee is, it's along the Boise Greenbelt and the Greenbelt is closed in this area," said Kate McGwire, Ada County spokeswoman. "And on the other side is A private gravel pit, and they don't want the public accessing through it through that way."

Construction started on Saturday and now the levee is done, built with four-foot tall Hesco barriers and heavy wire caging filled with sand.

"What we're hoping is this levee will serve as a barrier if the river continues to rise, and it will hopefully hold off any of the extra water that's coming out the river," said McGwire.

The Army Corps of Engineers is paying for the construction cost, which was around $140,000, according to the Corps' initial contract award. The final cost estimate is not yet available.

The federal law that authorizes the Corps of Engineers to build the levee also requires Ada County to pay for the ultimate removal of the temporary levee. But the county is not sure exactly what that amount will be right now.

It will be removed when the threat of flooding is over but that could be months given the projected high flow of the Boise River.