'Take your hand out of your pocket. Don't make me tell you again'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A YouTube video circulating around the Internet of a traffic stop in Boise has some people questioning the actions of a local police officer.

Gavin Seim, who describes himself in the video as a pictorialist and educational filmmaker who was traveling through Boise, says he was using his camera to record a traffic stop in Boise Tuesday night.

"I was observing Boise Police from a distance of about 50-60 feet," he says in the video's description.

"The officer confronts me demanding ID and wanting to pat me down. I refuse all advances from her but at one point she firmly grabs my arm and pulls on it. After a discussion with various officers we go our separate ways."

Later in the description, he says he didn't antagonize or interfere with the traffic stop in any way, and that he was simply standing there filming.

On Thursday evening, the Boise Police Department released this statement about the video:

"The Boise Police Department recognizes maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and integrity are essential to maintaining the public confidence necessary for and public and officer safety. As a Department, we take the behavior of our officers and how they treat the public very seriously. We are aware of the video taken of an officer during a traffic stop and are conducting an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident, "Chief Michael Masterson said.

Watch the full video from YouTube