Surprise! Republicans, Democrats see 2014 session differently

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The day after state lawmakers adjourned for the year, Idahoans of all ages toured the "people's house", where so much was decided...or as Democrats see it...left undecided.

"Idaho's GOP has harmed our economic health, the stability of our communities, and the prosperity of our families," said Sen. Michelle Stennett, the minority leader from Ketchum.

In an end of session news conference, Democrats criticized the Republican supermajority for failing to act on transportation, medicaid expansion, and workforce development.

And Democrats said the controversial guns on campus and "ag gag" bills will hurt the state's standing both nationally and internationally in the long run.

"By viewing Idaho as a place that they don't want their kids to go," said Rep. John Rusche, the House minority leader from Lewiston, "and by changing the marketplace for Idaho products."

Republican leaders -- not surprisingly -- see the glass differently.
"I think we've done some good things to position the state economically and make it more attractive to outside interests, and businesses," said Rep. Scott Bedke, the Speaker of the House from Oakley.

The legislature adjourned "sine die" after 74 legislative days. That's five days longer than the shortest session on record in 2004. The longest session on record was in 2003 -- a grueling 118 days.

The 2014 session was also punctuated by persistent Add The Words protesters seeking housing and workplace protections for gays, lesbians and others.

One GOP leader says maybe next year.

"I think Add The Words is one we'll be looking at," said Sen. Brent Hill, Senate president pro tem.