Student project leads to new bullying policies

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - When the 8th grade reading class at South Junior High did a class project on how to solve serious problems they didn't know it would have such an impact.

Students decided to tackle the problem of bullying around school which several of them said they suffered from or where the instigators of. They organized an anonymous school survey and found that 91% of students had seen bullying while 67% had experienced it.

The project started last spring, has now lead to the creation of "Paw Out Bullying." A group of 80 students which finds ways to prevent and stop bullying at school. The students gave a presentation to the Boise School Board of what their findings were, and what changes have been made. The results also showed that a majority of bullying incidents happened when during breaks, and while students were in between classes. That prompted administrators to put more teachers in the hallways during those times.

While the district already has an anti bullying policy in place, the trustees said there is always room for improvement.