Student claims bullies tried to push him out bus window

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - A freshman at Vallivue High School says three upperclassmen tried to pick him up and push him out a school bus window last Thursday.

According to the student, (who KBOI 2News is not identifying), it happened on the way home while the bus was stopped at a middle school.

The boy says that while they were trying to push him out the window they were yelling insults to the younger students waiting to get on.

"They were acting like they were going to shove me out the window," the teen says. "They did not get to though, but they were yelling out things like that I was gay, which is not true."

The teen's mother was upset that the high school waited nearly a week to take any action. She says her son never told her about the incident and actually got word of it from his sister.

"When this happened he was way to embarrassed to tell us what had happened because this has been an ongoing problem with this one student for two years," said the teen's mother.

According to the bus company for the school, they worked with administrators, and the three have been suspended from the bus.

It's not clear if any further disciplinary action will be taken by the school.

We tried several times to contact the school but our phone calls were not returned.

The family reported the incident to police. The case has been handed over to the Nampa Police Department from the Canyon County Sheriffs, because one of the accused teens has a parent who works for the county.

Officers tell us that the act of bullying is not itself illegal, but some of the things that go along with it can be against the law, like harassment, assault, or battery.

Once they have interviewed everyone involved officers will turn over their findings to the prosecutor's office.

The family said they would like to see more done about protecting all students from bullying.

The teen's mother says this incident could have easily gotten out of hand.

"What if they had actually gotten him out the window and he had broken his neck? I just want them to take some action on this."