Strong winds cause major damage around the valley

BOISE, IDAHO- Wind gusts got up to around 50 miles per hour Tuesday night in Boise.

A large tree toppled over a carport at Logger Creek Apartments just off Park Center. Maintenance crews were called out quickly but there's still a lot of work to do.

The jeep that was under the carport belongs to Steven Kicklyghder.

"I was running along the Greenbelt and the winds started and when I got back to the apartments I saw the carport collapsed but didn't see my jeep," Kicklyghder said. "It was crushed."

Kicklyghder didn't think the wind was strong enough to cause any major damage, but apartment workers say the tree was apparently rotted. The tree is not on Logger Creek Apartments property.

Kicklyghder does have insurance. However, he doesn't think he'll be parking under a carport anytime soon.