Stricter enforcement on its way for parks that ban dogs

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise Parks and Recreation officials hope to see an ordinance passed that bans dogs from several Boise parks and all cemeteries in the city.

Boise Parks and Recreation Director, Doug Halloway, said that all the areas that would be included in the ordinance already have signs saying, "no dogs allowed" but it's not enforced. The ordinance would allow for the strict enforcement.

All three cemeteries in the city, the Boise Depot, Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, and Marianne Williams Park would be included in the ordinance.

Halloway said they don't want pets in those areas mainly because of some different species of animals and plants they don't want ruined. At The Depot, Halloway said the dogs get in the way of ceremonies and events that happen there.

But the ordinance upsets some that come to these areas often.

"I find most people in Boise are very respectful of this place, when they walk their dogs, they mostly have a doggy bag and I very seldom see anybody abuse it," said Joan Lind, a Boise resident who walks daily at The Depot. "So I'm against it and I think that dog walkers are one of the finest I meet."

Doug Halloway reminds residents that there are several other parks in Boise that allow dogs, and some even allow for off-the-leash pets.