Strange things get turned in at Ada County lost and found

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - When things get left behind at the airport or other parts of Ada County the items end up at the sheriff's department in the lost and found.

People might be surprised what gets turned in.

According to Ada County Sheriff's Records Manager Glenn Gaither the items range from backpacks to prosthetic legs.

"Wheelchair, walker, snow boards, literally anything you can think of," Gaither said.

He doesn't know how those items get left out, but he also doesn't think someone is left without a wheelchair to get around. He has a theory.

"Moved on and left it there and somebody's child takes it and says hey I'm going to go have some fun with this," said Gaither. "They get to the park and decide it's not as much fun as they thought so they just leave it behind."

The item they see turned in the most are bikes. Hundreds every year come to the lost and found. Whether just abandoned or left behind in the summer bikes fill up the holding cage at the sheriff's office.

Many of the bikes are in good condition, but because residents don't register them or report them missing they often go unclaimed.

In that case after three months they are given to an auction website, which helps generate about $2,000 - $3,000 a year to the county's general fund.

Regular items are held for six months, but there are some requirements to claim them.

People must be able to prove ownership through a sales receipt or some type of serial number.