Stolen poodle recovered in Nampa, reunited with owner

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The owner of Dallas, the poodle that was taken from the bed of a pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot last week, says that the pup has been recovered and returned to her.

Samantha Simonds says the dog, which has an orange and black mohawk, was recovered in Nampa.

"I'm so relieved and I am so happy. This has made my year. I was just in tears when they handed him to me. I missed him so much," said Simonds.

Nampa Police say they received a tip Thursday that a citizen had seen a young man walking with the dog in 600 block of 6th St North.

"She's like I just saw him, I know it's him, you cant miss that orange mohawk, he was walking with a gentleman outside their house, here's the address," said Simonds.

Police dispatched animal control officers and a patrol unit to the area and the citizen lead them to a house that they believed the dog may be at.

Officials say the officers interviewed a woman at the house, who denied having the dog. But another young man at the house admitted the dog was there.

Boise Police, along with Simonds, went to the house and positively identified the poodle.

Police say the people at the house originally told them they had bought the dog from a homeless man at Walmart, but later confessed.

Officials say the two suspects seen in an earlier surveillance video have been identified, and that only one of them is considered a suspect.

Police say the suspect is a juvenile. No charges have been filed at this time.

The Boise Police Department says they have forwarded the case to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

Last Friday, Boise PD says officers say a small poodle was in the bed of a pickup truck when it was taken. When the dog owner returned to the vehicle, the pup was gone.

Simonds says the poodle was left in the cab of the truck with some other dogs, and that the back window was cracked open for ventilation.

She says she believed the dog was coaxed out of the cab into the bed.

The black toy poodle is valued at more than $1,000. The pooch has an orange mohawk down its back. A Facebook page titled "Find Dallas" received more than 1,000 likes from people.

According to the page, Dallas was exhausted and filthy, but otherwise OK.

On Saturday, officers received a call from citizen that he may have seen the dog with two females at the Walmart on 12th Avenue in Nampa.

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According to the witness, the suspects purchased dog related items at the store and then left with a dog that matched the description of the stolen poodle.