State not looking into why illegal immigrant children are in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - State officials still don't have any answers on why eight illegal immigrant children were brought to live in Idaho by the federal government.

On Friday, Governor Otter's press secretary said the state was trying to work with the feds to figure out where the children are being housed and why the state was never told they were coming here. But on Monday, Otter's director of communications said no one in his office is working on getting more information about the illegal children anymore.

Otter's office said if any department is checking in on the kids, it would be Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare. KBOI called, and a spokeswoman there said that office isn't looking into where the kids are either. Health and Welfare says the children were taken in by private sponsors, who are likely relatives or friends, and that's why the state wasn't notified. Health and Welfare also says the only way it would look into where the kids are at is if it got an inquiry about them concerning neglect or abuse.