State lawmaker says Sheriff Raney 'out of control'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In an interview with KIDO radio, Rep. Mark Patterson of Boise accuses Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney of being "vindictive" and playing "dirty tricks", revoking Patterson's weapons permit in "retaliation" for the Republican lawmaker's support of an unsuccessful bill this past legislative session to criminalize police officers who might enforce any possible new federal gun restrictions.

"I am being subject to an attack because I embarrassed Sheriff Raney as head of the Idaho sheriff's organization," Patterson told 580 KIDO, referring to House Bill 219, which stated if Idaho law enforcement assisted federal agents in seizing lawfully owned firearms from state of Idaho, those sheriffs and police will be guilty of a misdemeanor crime, resulting in a small fine and jail time.

The bill died in the Senate.

Patterson told KIDO he's also being targeted by Raney for questioning the Sheriff's Association's activities in lobbying against the bill at the statehouse.

Not so, Raney told KIDO, saying he revoked Patterson's permit only because Patterson failed to disclose a withheld judgment in a 1974 rape case as state law requires.

"We learned from a third party that he had a withheld judgment," said Raney.

Raney called Patterson's accusations "ridiculous".

But Patterson insists politics are at the heart of the matter.

"This guy (Raney) is out of control," Patterson said. "I've never been convicted of any crime in my life. I've been accused of it. But what this has done to me and my family is devastating."