Start-up Scene holds unique opportunities for Treasure Valley entreprenuers

It's a problem these four buddies knew well--not knowing if the snow they were exploring on was safe or not.

In order to do this, you have to dig a snow pit, calculating and testing each layer. But even if everything looked fine, there could still be a problem.

"This means that I know what's happening here, but I don't know what's happening 100 feet that way," said Jacob Taubenheim, operations manager of Adventure Data.

So while you may be OK traveling 100 feet away---you can't be completely sure. That's where the probes come in. Using infrared technology, the product is designed to take measurements of the snow layers. That data is then compared to the snow ditch and mapped on their app.

"That way I can just take readings and just see if anything has changed between," Taubenheim said.

While the four want to be clear that this product isn't a silver bullet solution--its just one of many tools that can be used for safety--it's certainly a product that could be helpful when it comes to avalanche avoidance.

Through their adventure of creating the company, the four say the Boise community has been an invaluable resource.

"It blows me away with how successful people in the Valley are," said Drew Eldred the CEO. "They just want to spur us on to be a success story here."

The big community feel is something Rick Ritter agrees with, too. Ritter, who runs the New Ventures Lab in Downtown Meridian, says it's a factor that's hard to come by with big startup hubs like San Francisco or New York.

"There's no one that you can't have a meeting with here," said Ritter. "If you want to have a meeting with 'name someone', you can do that. You can make that happen."

But Ritter says the Treasure Valley isn't just good for the Treasure Valley, entrepreneurs are also good for the Treasure Valley.

"It builds on momentum and adds to the ecosystem," he said. ""The whole idea here is to create an employment base in downtown Meridian which then ultimately will drive the success of restaurants, brew houses, and retail."