Standoff in West Boise ends peacefully; young child in protective custody

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A standoff between a Boise man with his child and police ended late Monday night.

Boise Police were called to Jullion Way, near N. Mitchell St. and McMillian Rd, around 4:40 p.m. Monday with reports of a man acting dangerously around his young daughter.

Officers said they went to the home, where the man in his 30's would not come out of the basement, and wouldn't let anyone inside to make sure his 14-month-old daughter was okay.

Witnesses who called police also told officers the man possibly had access to weapons.

When the man refused to come out, a negotiation team and a SWAT team were called in to help. Jullion Way was closed to traffic and residents of the seven homes on the street were told not to leave.

After almost seven hours of negotiating with the man, he finally surrendered to officers and handed over the baby. Officers say the man and his child were not hurt.

Police placed the baby in protective custody, and Health and Welfare took custody of the man. The prosecutor will now decide if an child endangerment charges will be filed.