Stalled elevator delays Add the Words arrests at Statehouse

BOISE, Idaho (Idaho) -- A stalled elevator slowed arrests of several Add the Four Words protesters Tuesday night.

Four protesters and two troopers were stuck in the elevator for about an hour and a half. Protesters say they believe it was a mechanical issue that made the elevator freeze.

More than 20 protesters stood in front of the Senate Chambers with their hands over their mouths. Troopers arrested the group and escorted them out. For many in the group, this arrest was not their first.

"I've been arrested four, this is my fourth time," Alonzo Statham said. "People like to call it catch and release."

Advocates for the LGBT community want lawmakers to discuss a bill that would add protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people in our state. The group says lawmakers have ignored them for eight years. Photos

"If this session ends, it will be nine years of total silence from the legislature, and we're at the end of our rope," Statham said. "It's time to add the words and we need it to be serious, and arrests are serious."