South side of Greenbelt closed under Capitol Boulevard bridge due to flooding

Another day, another section of the Boise Greenbelt closing due to flooding. as the Boise River runs just above flood stage.

Boise Parks and Recreation said Friday that crews have closed the south side of the Boise Greenbelt below the Capitol Boulevard bridge due to flooding.

A detour is in place that takes folks up and over the bridge using a crosswalk. Cyclists and pedestrians can then easily get back onto the path.

Other Greenbelt closures include: under the Parkcenter Bridge at Logger Creek, the entire Bethine Church River Trail, section of Greenbelt and a gravel nature path near Marianne Williams Park between East Parkcenter Boulevard and South Eckert Road.

The area near Marianne Williams Park at the bridge over Walling Creek, which is south of E. Warm Springs Avenue, is also closed.