Some parking spaces getting a facelift in Downtown Meridian

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Two parking spaces in Meridian will be turned into a temporary area for dining and socializing, also known as a parklet.

"Well what we hope to demonstrate is to get folks to associate fun street live, sidewalk caf dining with downtown Meridian," said Bruce Chatterton, Meridian community deveolopment director. "Frankly, right now they don't."

The Ada County Highway Department met and approved a two-week trial run on the parklets in Downtown Meridian, starting this weekend.

There will be 14 seats in the area and plenty of room between cars and the people enjoying the it.

There will also be guard rails around it all, to keep your family safe.

If the community enjoys the parklet, then it may become a more permenant hang out spot.

"I enthusiasticlly support this, I've seen it work in other places, I'm just surprised it took 20 years to make it to the United States," said Mitchell Allen Jaurena, ACHD commisioner.