Social media in uproar over Bergdahl controversy

BOISE,Idaho (KBOI) -- Facebook pages are drawing tens of thousands of viewers with headlines like "Bowe Bergdahl is not a hero" and "Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor" and showing pictures of other soldiers killed in the days of heightened tension following Bergdahl's disappearance in 2009.

The Internet is simply boiling with angry posts about Bergdahl. Here are some of the tamer offerings:

"Too many brothers lost because of this traitor," wrote Shawn.

"He needs to be hung, plain and simple," Peter observed.

Take Twitter for example. There's a whole thread of conversation at #bergdahltraitor where people are weighing in with their opinions, almost all negative.

But Seth Ashley, who teaches communications at Boise State University, says perhaps this shouldn't surprise us.

"I'd say the Internet is a double edged sword for that reason," Ashley explained. "It's great that people have the kind of access to information we have now. It is unprecedented.."

But Ashley says it also provides a global soapbox for the brutal expression public opinion.

"Especially when it's an emotional issue," Ashley said. "People want to pass that on. We know from research that's the stuff that goes viral."

And there's even a way for like-minded people to cheer each other on.

"When you're getting lots of likes on your Facebook posts and people are re-tweeting you, research suggests that kind of feeds our ego and sense of entitlement," Ashley said.

It's certainly shows that Bowe Bergdahl's homecoming is being received with mixed emotions.