So, about the cold: Interesting facts about 'chilly' temps

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Hey, KBOI News morning meteorologist, Bob Anthony, how cold is it?

"It's really cold," he said.

Here are some interesting facts about the Treasure Valley's cold snap.

  • We haven't had a daytime high in Boise more than 32 degrees since we had a high of 35 degrees Jan 10 (11 days)
  • Monday will probably be the fifth day the high for Boise will only be in the teens.
  • Normal high temp for Jan. 21 is 38 degrees. The normal low 25 degrees.
  • Only 3 days so far in Jan in Boise have had highs above freezing (Jan. 8 through Jan 10)
  • It's so cold, water fountains in town are doing this.
  • All Boise overnight lows have been in the single digits or below zero since Jan 11. (10 days)
  • The low temperature Monday morning of -3 is the coldest temperature in Boise since Dec 9, 2009 when we got down to -4. It's the coldest temp in Boise in more than three years.
  • The -3 also means this is the third day in a row with a sub zero low (-1 on Sat and Sun am)
  • All but two days in January have been below normal with average daily temps 10-24 degrees below normal.
  • Currently the average monthly temp for Boise is 16.1. This is the third coldest Jan since 1865 behind 15.4 in 1937 and 10.3 in 1949
  • We haven't hit 30 degrees for a high in Boise since Jan 10. Haven't hit 40 degrees since Dec 24, 2012.