Snowy holiday travel weekend

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Holiday drivers are hitting the road and with snow coming down, it may be a mess. Ada County Highway District says they were prepping roads before the snow hit and have crews ready to go. They say they particularly focused on trouble spots. ACHD says they don't anticipate a heavy snow but they are ready with gravel trucks and plows if needed.

Holiday drivers said roads weren't that bad in southern Idaho but they knew things were going to get worse by Friday. "We're headed to the tri cities in Washington, so we have to go over the Blue mountains, we know there's going to be some snow there but we're just going to take it nice and easy and make it through," Trenton Mason said.

One driver says the secret to not sliding off the highway is to make sure you have thick tread on your tires. "The problem is everybody thinks they're in four wheel drive can go a hundred miles an hour, it's not. its good tires. If they check their tires and there good and they got good tread then they can get around," Bob Richardson said.