Snow removal hits city and county budgets

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - For all of the chemicals and salt Ada county uses to help clear our snowy streets, the county has just over $400,000 to spend. So, is this enough to get us through the winter?

Ada county says this storm has kept them busy the last few days, but they are still well within their budget.

"We are fortunate in that if we would have to surpass what we have budgeted that we can kind of do a give and take. Maybe cut back a little on chip-sealing in the summer time, but historically, that's not something we've ever had to be concerned with," says Christine Myron, ACHD spokeswoman.

Ada county is in charge of all the side streets and anything public that the state doesn't get. Meanwhile, the state is operating well within it's budget as well.

ITD has spent nearly $1.5 million on snow removal materials. That amount does not include the man hours spent driving the plows and clearing the road

$500,000 of that is spent on salt. About $400,000 goes for de-icer and about $400,000 more is spent on sand.

"We try to make sure that we have stockpiles to satisfy a two-year usual commitment. So if we do have a winter that is just hellacious-ly bad, we have the extra resources to deal with it," says Reed Hollinshead, ITD spokesman.

So both of the agencies that plow in Ada county say Monday's snowstorm is not expected to put them over budget for the year.

Monday's storm may have kept crews busy the past few days, but so far this winter has been relatively quiet. In fact, Boise has seen six inches less snowfall this season than average.